Aizen Consulting

   In an increasingly competitive and globalized environment, if a company does not continually innovate and does not develop, it means business transfer or bankruptcy. After structuring its activity on the local market, the company can then internationalize. But where and how?

   Aizen Consulting offers extensive support to entrepreneurs or business managers in all phases and areas of project- and new business development. We also help entrepreneurs to build up and develop their businesses from scratch.

   We provide an expert partnership service which no other firm or internal team can match, in the form of a flexible partnership for a contractual duration.

   Our goal is to create additional value that pays off to the entire cost of new business development, without any additional burden to your firm.

Here is how our partnership works for you in 7 steps

[stm_icon_box box_style=”style_4″ alignment=”center” icon=”fa fa-money” icon_color=”third” title=”Two phases in our billing model”] 1. Researching, auditing, marketing and strategy service during the business development period comes with a fixed price for the first one to three months.

2. Implementation and partnership support phase: a percentage of the gross margin earned from the new international sales for contractual period.[/stm_icon_box]

[stm_icon_box]1-We audit your production capacity and consult on optimization.[/stm_icon_box][stm_icon_box]2-We provide financial audits, due diligence and assist mergers and acquisitions.[/stm_icon_box][stm_icon_box]3-We provide marketing analysis measuring your supply and demand in various markets. We examine your competition as well.[/stm_icon_box][stm_icon_box]4-We design new Business Development Strategy, Import & Export cost optimization, and innovative start-up implementation. We provide legal advice as necessary.[/stm_icon_box][stm_icon_box]5-We provide consulting services on your value proposition, price and market positioning.[/stm_icon_box][stm_icon_box]6-We project your revenue potential and targets secure appointments and assist business meetings with prospective buyers.[/stm_icon_box][stm_icon_box]7-We provide logistics support including design and execution of quality assurance policy.  [/stm_icon_box]