Marketing Consulting

Successful digital marketing requires an empathetic approach to the entire customer journey. And typically marketing has among the least direct contact.

Further, buyers loathe more dry, corporate speak recitations of features and benefits – they’d much rather hear from all your folks that have time in tech field, and empathy with the business challenges they face.

Yet, if you’re like most companies, even as you’ve transformed your manufacturing operations, you are still selling the old way – with direct sales, cold calling, and attending trade shows.

Buyers research their problems and desired business outcomes online. The majority of B2B purchases start with an internet search.
The structure and role of marketing and sales are changing. Today marketing is the virtual sales team which must attract prospects, educate them, nurture them into leads and then transition them to sales. Of course, sales still needs to bring application expertise to projects and always has to close them.

Most websites, email marketing, and SEO consulting yield disappointing results. They are tactics executed in silos against a strategic challenge.
Those conditions create the need for an entirely new range of capabilities – a range which sounds much more like fluff than traditional B2B business development.

Content Marketing 

Buyers research solutions using the internet.
Search engines serve results based on complex algorithms. Basically, they look for resources that have lots of information specifically about that problem and solution. That information is in the form of content such as articles, web pages.

Great content establishes your credibility virtually – what your sales reputation used to do in person, now your content marketing does silently.

Buyers make snap decisions between hundreds of suppliers today – and often a superior product with a static and stale website with limited content is bypassed in favour of a company with the answers to the problems through effective content.

Demand Generation

Trade shows are important for B2B sales, but internet drives activity.
A sophisticated understanding of your potential clients’ compelling business challenges and the artful use of digital tools to establish your company’s pre-eminence as a thought leader that can help them.

Doing SEO without understanding your business model won’t drive results. Ultimately, traffic that isn’t converted to a lead is of minimal value.

We help companies with all phases including:
● Strategy
● Product/customer profitability analysis
● Buyer research and profiling
● Sophisticated keyword research
● Market identification
● Substantive SEO
● Creation of thought leadership content including whitepapers, eBooks, graphics, videos, webinars, etc.
● Social media for results

Today’s typical leads aren’t sales qualified.
You have to share additional, high quality relevant content with your website’s visitors periodically, using sophisticated tools which respond to their needs.

Without wasting your sales representatives’ time on leads that aren’t ready to buy, you instead gradually build a relationship, credibility, and authority with prospects who will value both your expertise and your capabilities.
Based on how they react and respond, you can automatically identify leads at different stages.

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